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New Brunswick Lamp Shade Co, Inc.
How to Buy Your Shades

801 Linen (White)
801 Genuine Linen: -- Our best-selling 100% flax European genuine linen, with a texture that is bold, but not overpowering. This fabric has been in our line for decades. Appropriate for many lamps and design settings. Shown here in the deep-empire shape in white. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes in white, vanilla, oatmeal and black. We have several other linens in a range of price points to match your needs.
When you buy your shades from us, you get to specify the exact shades you need, right down to the details. We stock over 100 materials, each of which can be made in thousands of sizes and shapes. Obviously, there's a little bit of a learning curve to specifying your shades, but we'll help, and the end result is that you get what you really want (on time and for a reasonable price, of course).

The first step is to request a Catalog/Price List Package. You can do this by clicking here. When you get it, read through the package carefully. The Guide to Lamp Shades will explain the steps in specifying your shades, and contains the information you need on pricing, and terms and conditions.

Hospitality customers needing quick price quotes should send us the quantities and specs for the shades and we'll gladly provide a price quote. 

If you need help selecting shades, call us. We have a Basic Stock List for retailers, which shows the essential styles and sizes, and comes with an introduction to selling lamp shades. If you are a lamp manufacturer trying to find the perfect shades for your lamps, we can offer you the same expert advice many top lighting firms rely on. We love working with lamp manufacturers to create new shade designs that precisely complement your lamps.

Orders may be placed by phone, e-mail or snail-mail, or through our 24-hour toll-free fax: 800-645-0377.

If you need one of our order forms to place an order, click here: NBLS Order Form.

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